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Step #1: Select Equipment Parts and Unique item
Chest Armor
Two-Handed Axe
Two-Handed Mace
Two-Handed Sword
Two-Handed Scythe

Tempest Roar

Godslayer Crown

Tuskhelm of Joritz the Mighty

Starfall Coronet

Deathless Visage

Vasily's Prayer

Cowl of the Nameless

Step #2: Pay for your Custom Equipment
>> Item Power
800+ 925
>> Greater Affix or High Roll (70%+)
Greater Affix High Roll Affix
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We will find the item and deliver it within 30 minutes.

What are Unique Items in Diablo 4?

Unique items in Diablo 4 are exceptionally powerful and extremely rare items that represent the pinnacle of sought-after gear in the game. The most formidable among these, known as Mystic Uniques or Uber Uniques, are only obtainable after reaching level 85. While all Unique items have a chance to drop, albeit very rarely, throughout the game world—including from Helltide chests and Whisper caches—they can also be specifically farmed from one of five bosses: Grigoire, Echo of Varshan, The Beast in Ice, Lord Zir, and Echo of Duriel. For details on which boss drops which items, refer to the specific information available.

Unique Items at ITEMD2R offer a specialized service tailored exclusively for Diablo 4 players. This service enables players to customize their unique in-game gear by selecting high roll affixes or greater affixes for various gear slots. With a diverse array of unique items on offer, players can augment their character's capabilities and craft a gaming experience that truly suits their preferences.

Why Buy Diablo 4 Unique Items?

Diverse Selection of Unique Gear

ITEMD2R boasts an extensive range of unique gear, encompassing armor pieces, jewelry, and weapons. This diversity allows players to fine-tune their builds to match their preferred playstyle. Equipment's Item Power also significantly influences a character's progression, and ITEMd2r provides a convenient avenue for enhancing the Item Power of specific loot. With prompt and dependable delivery, players can swiftly acquire top-tier gear in Diablo 4.

Enhanced Gameplay Performance

The meticulously curated high roll affixes or greater affixes offered by itemd2r.com confer valuable bonuses to your character's performance. Whether you're in pursuit of heightened attack damage, critical strike potential, attack speed, or attribute boosts such as strength, dexterity, and intelligence, our custom items can markedly elevate your gameplay efficiency.

How to Purchase Unique Items?

Step #1: Select Gear Slot:

Firstly, choose the gear slot you wish to customize. We provide customization options for Helm, Chest Armor, Gloves, Pants, Boots, Amulet, and Ring. Based on your selected gear slot, you can then peruse a variety of unique items options tailored specifically for that slot.

Step #2: Choose Unique Item and Customize:

Explore the assortment of unique items available for your chosen gear slot and opt for those that align with your character's requirements and playstyle. These items can bolster your character's offensive or defensive prowess, enabling you to triumph in battles and overcome the trials that lie ahead in Diablo 4.

Unique Items at itemd2r.com afford Diablo 4 players a distinctive opportunity to personalize their in-game unique gear with desired high roll/greater affixes. By availing our service, you can unlock heightened gameplay performance and optimize your character's potential. Select your class, designate the gear slot, and tailor the affixes to forge a formidable character poised to dominate the realm of Diablo 4.



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