ITEMD2R Affiliate Project

ItemD2R officially launches affiliate project, you can promote our website in the following ways: in game / forums / communities / social media channels (FB, TW, Ins,etc...) / self-media channels (Youtube, TikTok, Twitch, etc...), when you bring us a customer and place an order with your affiliate code, we will give you extra % commission as benefit, please note that this is not a one-time commission, You will receive a commission every time after these customer’s orders are completed. You can check these orders in the dashboard of our system at any time and apply for withdrawal (PayPal/USDT) at any time.

Dashboard of our system & Payment receipt

ITEMD2R Affiliate Project

*Affiliate code will have a 3% discount. If the code owner uses it, the order can still enjoy the discount, but the order will not be included in the commission as benefit.

If you are interested, please contact us via email, discord or live support, we look forward to sharing the benefits of growth with you.

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